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Surgical Drapes And Gowns

Nam Health Supplies both single-use drapes and gowns, under the Prionguard brand, as well as its traditional recyclable drapes and gowns. This provides our clients with the option to use whatever textile combination best suits their requirements. We are uniquely positioned to offer a hybrid solution of both single-use and reprocessed drapes in a single pack. Contact us for more detail.

Fabric Composition

Nam Health Supplies has developed a proprietary laminate fabric that is strong and durable. This superior, high-tech, ultra-performance fabric is super-absorbent, chemical-resistant and impermeable to fluids, providing a barrier against viruses and bacteria.

The membranes used in our fabrics are only a few µm thick and are resistant to chemicals. Their elasticity and light weight make them ideal for use in textile composites. The textile has an excellent moisture vapour transmission rate which makes the fabric highly breathable. The membrane is integrated in surgical gowns or drapes and is protected by a polyester fabric and liner (3-layer sandwich construction). The fabrics are almost free of particles and have a high capacity to absorb fluids.

The barrier laminate textiles fulfil the criteria for high-risk procedures under the American, ASTM, and European EN standards.

Nam Health Supplies offers a comprehensive range of high and standard performance surgical drapes and gowns to satisfy the requirements of all procedure types.

Nam Health Supplies recyclable laminate fabrics are manufactured by bonding a breathable membrane between 2 layers of textiles and coating the resulting product with a fluid proof solution for guaranteed waterproof protection. The membrane enables the laminated fabric to be waterproof from the outside while at the same time allowing perspiration to pass through from the inside.


  • Total barrier to blood and body fluids
  • Sterility
  • Excellent durability (through laundering process where applicable)
  • High breathability and comfort
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Environmentally friendly